What Can a Good Agent Do For You?

Tuesday 16 Apr 2019

A relationship with a good agent is much like your relationship with a good doctor, there to assist you in your plan to achieve good health but of the financial kind. Throughout our lives we all transact in property one way or another. Whether we are moving out of home for the first time to rent or planning to purchase our first home to either live in or lease out, an agent will likely be on hand to assist us through the process. In our middle years we tend to upsize to accommodate a growing family and if we can, we purchase an investment property or two, sometimes even building a healthy portfolio. A change of lifestyle around retirement age often brings with it thoughts of downsizing or a complete sea change. In between, life happens. Parents sadly pass on and relationships sometimes end leading to the split of assets, including the family home. In our times of need we look for an agent to trust. We seek understanding of our situation. On a personal level we ask that they are genuine and caring, that they truly listen to our needs and expectations and that they act with honesty and integrity with our interests foremost in their minds. For many of us home is our greatest asset and buying and selling present the opportunities to make money and develop more wealth, or free up cash and improve our lifestyles and possibly those of others. Our circumstances, choices and decisions are personal to us and they require a very personalised approach. An agent supports with valuable real estate industry expertise while taking the lead to advise and guide us through the decision-making process. As we look to them to understand the current market and how it impacts on our own properties, we rightly demand that they are honest and open communicators while also being confidential. We expect that they are hard-working and organized and most importantly that they are skilled negotiators and excellent marketers. A professional agent will make the difference between a nerve wrecking, anxious process and an easy, stress free experience with real estate. They will offer advice on how to improve and present your property to ensure its price is maximized and they will be honest about any problems or opportunities they can see. You can expect that they will give you both positive and negative feedback. An agent’s local experience and advice will help you establish realistic expectations of your property’s market value when you are selling. They’ll build a sales strategy to meet your needs and expectations and utilise the most effective methods of reaching all potential buyers through their marketing campaign. They’ll communicate effectively with both the buyer and the seller, presenting the information required to make optimum decisions and negotiating the best price for the home. Finally, they ensure the sales and buying process is smooth and stress-free. At First National Balwyn North we engage our entire team in the achievement of your goals. For all your real estate needs we put you first!