How to submit a successful Tenancy application

Wednesday 19 Jun 2019


Bravo, you’ve found the rental property you want to lease. Now it’s time to apply for it by completing a Tenancy Application form.  Information your agent will be looking for includes, but is not restricted to:
•    Proof of your previous addresses including rental property history.
•    Proof of current and previous employment history.
•    How many people intend to rent the property with you.
•    The date you wish to move in and length of tenancy.
•    Proof of identity (copies of photo identification).
The more information you can provide the quicker your rental property application will be processed.

Looking for rental properties can be extremely competitive, so it pays to stand out from the crowd somehow. Whether you have a proven track record of always paying your rent on time or being the perfect neighbour, these can all help you to be the best tenant to select. Here are three tips to help you become a great tenant.

Keep it clean
As a renter, the house you're living in isn't actually your own - it's the landlord's. Therefore, it makes sense to keep it clean and tidy to ensure it stays in a good condition for the duration of your tenancy.
If maintenance of lawns and gardens is your responsibility, then make sure the backyard doesn't turn into an overgrown jungle.

Report maintenance issues
If a problem pops up at your rental then you should report it to your landlord or property manager as soon as you can. Leaving maintenance issues to hang over your head can potentially lead to problems worsening over time.
And if it's something like the dishwasher or the oven, then it's likely you'll want to get it fixed ASAP so you can use it again!

Everyone knows that communication is key to a great relationship - this also extends to the one between you and your landlord. If there are any issues that arise from the home, such as noisy neighbours or a problem with your next rent payment, let them know - you can always come to a solution together.

By creating a harmonious relationship with your landlord or property manager, you can increase your chances of getting a positive reference - an extremely handy thing to have when you look for a new home!